After successfully implementing Animate My Action Plan Phase II in eight Youth ChalleNGe Academies over the past three years, Royer Studios is excited to announce an pilot of a new iteration of the program, making media arts training available to more cadets than ever before.

Working with our partners, the Michigan Youth ChalleNGe Academy, Royer Studios has developed a pathway for all cadets to participate in entry-level vocational training focused on the acquisition of 21st Century workforce skills through digital media production. The updated program is designed to give cadets a competitive edge as they graduate Youth ChalleNGe and pursue higher education or enter the workforce.

Every platoon participates in one extracurricular class each week where they learn the fundamentals of producing media, ranging from photos and videos to graphic design and audio engineering. Cadets work individually on their own iPads to learn core concepts they are expected to use in the traditional classroom. These classes are facilitated by a multi-media professional with the assistance of two Youth ChalleNGe AMAP Studios graduates who serve as peer mentors while continuing their media arts education.

The real magic happens in the traditional classroom where cadets receive their education in preparation for a High School Diploma or GED. To keep creativity at the forefront of the educational spectrum, while also fostering “hard skills” like STEM, Royer Studios emphasizes the arts, the “A” in STEAM education.

In daily classes, including English, social studies, math, and science, cadets are grouped into cooperative learning “production teams” where everyone plays a critical role in the successful creation of a piece of media connected to what they are learning in the respective class.

This includes creating photo stories that explain a book being read by the class, recording podcasts about the periodic table of elements, shooting movie trailers to highlight an aspect of American history, and using graphic design to demystify slopes in math.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on AMAP and our new project at MYCA.