Congratulations to AMAP Studios graduate, Ryan Loggins, for taking an enormous leap towards making his dream become a reality.

In AMAP Phase I, Loggins stated that his goal was to become a Red Bull-sponsored skydiver, only he was 17 and hadn’t actually jumped out of a plane yet.

After graduating Youth ChalleNGe, Loggins enrolled in AMAP Studios, where he continued learning photography and video production. While at AMAP Studios, Loggins took a job providing photo and video services at The Jumping Place. He was determined to learn all he could about the sport so that when he turned 18 and could make his first jump, he’d be ready!

Loggins’ hard work and dedication to his dreams is paying off, because this newly-turned-18-year old just made his first jump - and what we know will be the first of many as Loggins pursues his dream.


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Photos courtesy of Chet Ellison.